Latin American Water Funds Partnership

The partnership is a mechanism that allows to provide technical and financial assistance for the creation and strengthening of Water Funds. It provides support to local stakeholders to implement them, contributing to establish the management structure for each fund.

It also provides advice and technical expertise that can strengthen the operation of the funds, and also facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among Water Funds and other stakeholders.

Water Funds

Water Funds is an innovative model of long-term conservation that operates through investments that are focused on a single fund. The resources generated are assigned to preserve the essential lands above watersheds through conservation actions.

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Water Fund Perú

Peru, with an area of 1,285,216 km2 and a population of 28,220,764 million (October 2007), is located in the center of the west coast of South America. The presence of the Peruvian water stream (locally known as the Humboldt Current), the Andes Mountains and the Amazon jungle, have created a wide range of climates within the country and a very uneven distribution of water resources.

The annual water consumption in Peru is about 20 072 million cubic meters per year (Mm3/year), from which 80% is employed in agriculture, 18% used in drinking water, sewage services and industrial uses, and 2% in the mining industry. The non-consumptive use, including power generation, is estimated at 11 139 Mm3 per year.

Human activities have an impact on surface and subsurface water resources. Agricultural activities, infrastructure constructions, industrial uses, mining, municipal activities and grazing have an important impact on the environment.

02 Sep 2014
OVERVIEW This water fund will finances conservation projects in the Rimac, Chillón and Lurín watersheds, where glaciers are melting at increasing rates because of global climate change. This...


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