Water Fund of Cúcuta - BioCuenca Alliance - Fondos de Agua

The BioCuenca alliance was launched in June, 2016 to protect water sources in the city of Cúcuta, in northern Colombia. The creation of this Water Fund is a perfect example of how the Latin American Water Fund Alliance is inspiring others to take action to protect the watersheds that supply millions of people.

This Water Fund will benefit almost 1 million inhabitants in the city of Cúcuta and several neighboring municipalities through conservation actions in the basins of Zulia, Pamplonita and protection of the Paramo of Santurbán, a vital ecosystem that is seriously threatened by livestock, agriculture and mining.

For the first time, a knowledge transferring process is carried out, in order for a partner –Good Stuff International– to lead the design, negotiation and creation of the Water Fund, supported on the tools and experience of the Latin American Alliance of Water Funds, which includes: replicating the Water Fund model (rational, structure, partners); using common technical tools such as hydrological models (RIOS, INVEST) in the design phase, among others; using the existing Water Funds in Colombia and Latin America as reference and example.

The role of The Nature Conservancy is to provide guidelines and technical support, to participate in regular meetings and in negotiations with stakeholders, review technical products, etc.