Pipiripau Watershed - Fondos de Agua


Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was planned and built during the 1960’s at the center of the country. The area is a savanna with a strong seasonal climate (with dry and wet seasons). Although plans for the city considered a secure future water supply, the city has grown far beyond its initial planning. The Pipiripau river basin, northeast of Brasilia, produces more than 80% of horticultural products that supply the Federal District and provides drinking water for 10% of the capital’s population (200,000 inhabitants). Land conversion to pasture and agriculture in the past 50 years has left only 18% of the natural vegetation cover. This condition resulted in a 40% decrease in the average dry season flow (base flows) of the Pipiripau river, creating conflicts for water use between landowners that use the Santos Dumont irrigation channel and CAESB, Brasilia’s water supply company.


The population and sectors served include 200,000 people in Sobradinho and Planaltina municipalities; irrigated agriculture and horticulture; cattle ranching farmers; water supply company.

Start date: July 2012
Ongoing?: YES
Cities: Brasilia, Planaltina
Countries: Brazil
Lat: 15° 47′ 0″ S
Long: 15° 47′ 0″ S

Contact name: Samuel Barreto
TPhone: 55-41-2111-8757
Email: fondosdeagua@tnc.org


Payments for environmental services, soil conservation, dirt roads maintenance, degraded areas restoration.

RIVER BASIN  Pipiripau Watershed


Banco do Brasil Foundation, Brasilia Water Supply Company (CAESB), Federal District Water and Sanitation Regulatory Agency (ADASA), Federal District Rural Extension Company (EMATER-DF), Federal District Environmental Agency (IBRAM), Federal District Agriculture Secretary (SEAGRI-DF), Federal District Environmental and Water Resources Secretary (SEMARH-DF), Ministry of Integration (MI), National Water Agency (ANA), National Board of Social Service of Industry (SESI/CN), University of Brasilia (UnB), WWF-Brazil, The Nature Conservancy.