Pago por Servicios Ambientales Camboriu - Fondos de Agua


The Camboriu Water Fund is stuctured upon the local water company iniciative that invests in green infrastructure in order to reduce its water treatment costs. Urban population and a strong touristic site are concetrated in Balneário Camboriu municipality on the coastside, while rural populations of Camboriu municipality are the “water producers” located contryside in the Camboriu watershed. Engaged rural landowners recieve technical support to adopt conservation and restoration of native Atlantic Forest inside their properties, and are also payed for the environmental services they help to provide. The constitution of a municipal water fund is under design to guarantee the long term financial sustainability of the project. Engagement process just starts to raise, while untill the moment 7 landowners are already engaged, to whom $7,000 have been payed for the conservation and restoration of 37 acres.


This fund bennefits around 600,000 inhabitants living in Balneário Camboriu and Camboriu municipalities, included a variable amount of tourists that visit the region every summer season.

Start date: July 2012
Ongoing?: YES
Cities: Balneário Camboriú y Camboriú
Countries: Brasil
Lat:  27° 1’15.94″S
Long: 48°39’45.64″W

Contact name: Samuel Barreto
Phone: 55 48 99123774


  • Payments for environmental services related to conservation of standing forests
  • Restoration of degraded riparian areas and watersheds
  • Restoration and conservation of sensitive areas for water conservation (steep slopes, infiltration areas)
  • Soil and dirt roads conservation and maintenance.
  • Hydrological and socioeconomic monitoring also take place.

RIVER BASIN: Camboriu Watershed


Compañía Municipal de Tratamiento de Agua  (EMASA), Municipalidad del Balneario Camboriu, Camboriu , The Nature Conservancy, Cómite de Cuencas de Camboriu , Agencia Nacional del Agua (ANA), Agencia  Regulatoria de Agua y Saneamiento (AGESAN), Centro de Investigación Hydrometeorológica  y el Cuerpo de Asistencia Técnica Rural del Estado  (Epagri/Ciram)