Hightlights from the hydrological monitoring workshop - Fondos de Agua

From January 15th to 19th, 2018, the River Basin Information System & Stream Visual Assessment Protocol Theoretical and Practical Training took place in Quito, Ecuador, with participants from the USA, Germany, Mexico, Colombia Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

This Workshop was very important to provide hydrological monitoring tools to the Water Funds personnel in charge of monitoring and recording the conservation activities carried out in the watersheds. With these tools,  we have a better understanding of the current state and the trend of the ecosystems on which we depend, in addition to providing a visible and quantitative way to demonstrate the effectiveness and positive impact of natural infrastructure projects on the water security of our cities.

The workshop was divided in a theoretical part and a field visit to the Pita-Sangolquí River. During this visit, the knowledge acquired from the Visual Assessment of Channels (SVAP) by its initials in English was put into practice. With the data collected in different segments of the river, working groups were created to analyze the information and apply the protocol.

                 Testimony Sven Kralisch

Testimony Emmanuel Vargas

Testimony Catherine Alva