Guandu Watershed - Fondos de Agua


The Guandu Watershed supplies 80% of the water used by the 10 million residents of the city of Rio de Janeiro.  It is also an important site for conservation and for rural development, located in an area that harbors significant remnants of the Atlantic Forest and rural communities that need alternate income sources.  The Nature Conservancy works with local organizations and government agencies in Rio das Pedras to create an inclusive project that pays local landowners for conserving and restoring forests on their land.  Over the last four years, 62 landowners (who own more than half of the local area) have joined the project, receiving $110,000 in payments for protecting 7649  acres of standing forest and reforesting 533 acres of degraded pastures.


Upstream: 62 families
Downstream: Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, which is home to 8 million residents (a projected 12.5 million by 2015).

  • Start date: November 2008
  • Ongoing: YES
  • Cities: Palmira, Río de Janeiro
  • Countries: Brazil
  • Lat: 22.9083° S
  • Long: 43.2436° W


To help conservation investments towards areas with the highest potential for reducing sedimentation and maintaining water yield.

RIVER BASIN: Guandú Watershed


  1. The Nature Conservancy
  2. Fundación FEMSA
  3. BID
  4. Instituto Terra
  5. Municipalidad Río Claro
  6. Agencia Municipal de Mabiente de Río de Janeiro
  7. Comités de Cuenca Guandú
  8. Comunidad de Guandú