Cartagena Water Fund - Fondos de Agua

About the Cartagena Water Fund

The Cartagena de Indias Water Fund was launched in September 2016. This Fund aims to be a long-term financial mechanism to diminish anthropogenic pressures on the natural resources and water supply system of the city of Cartagena, namely the Canal del Dique and its lagoon system.

The Cartagena Water Fund is a public-private partnership that includes the Municipality of Cartagena, the public companies Cardique and Acuacar, The Nature Conservancy in representation of the Latin American Water Funds Partnership, the Grupo Argos Foundation, the Promotora Canal del Dique Foundation, the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation and the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce.

The city of Cartagena’s water supply is increasingly at risk from ecosystem degradation. This includes indiscriminate fishing and hunting, deforestation, pastureland for cattle that decreases the buffer zone for water sources, mining and quarry activities, and the seepage of residual human waste water from incorrect connections. Combined with the prevailing social conditions in the area under study—basically communities with a high degree of poverty and unmet basic needs that depend on the intensive, unsustainable use of natural resources for their survival—this has generated social tension and feelings of abandonment and discontent, increasing the risks to the water supply.

The Cartagena Water Fund is a financial mechanism for the conservation and restoration of areas of strategic importance to the city of Cartagena’s water supply system. It seeks to integrate and connect local communities in the Juan Gomez Dolores lagoon system to natural resource conservation and sustainable-use activities via the implementation of alternative projects.