Agua Tica Water Fund - Costa Rica - Fondos de Agua


Agua Tica is the first water fund in Costa Rica and its objective is to contribute to the achievement of water security of the Gran Área Metropolitana (Greater Metropolitan Area – GAM). This area is key to the country, since there is great pressure on water resources and sources due to population growth, historic scarcity and changes of land use, among others.

Faced with the degradation of natural resources, the threat of their renewability and the variation in the rainfall regime, it is necessary to take action to secure water resources in quantity and quality.


Agua Tica will contribute to the protection of water sources located in the sub basins of Rio Grande river and Virilla river which are part of the Rio Grande de Tarcoles river basin.
1,173,820 direct beneficiaries (59% of the population of the 33 cantons).

  • 2,300,000 total beneficiaries (including population of the below river basin)
  • Operating: Yes
  • Country: Costa Rica


  • Reforestation
  • Good agricultural practices
  • Assisted regeneration
  • Good husbandry practices
  • Natural regeneration
  • Agroforestry systems
  • Forest protection activities
  • Environmental education


The fund is a public-private partnership where civil society, public institutions and private companies take part. This scheme allows greater efficiency in the execution of actions and transparency in all processes involved. The participating institutions are:

Fact Sheet Agua Tica