What is a Water Fund?

Water Funds is an innovative model of long-term conservation that operates through investments that are focused on a single fund. The resources generated are assigned to preserve the essential lands above watersheds through conservation actions.

Latin American Water Funds Partnership

The partnership is a mechanism that allows to provide technical and financial assistance for the creation and strengthening of Water Funds. It provides support to local stakeholders to implement them, contributing to establish the management structure for each fund.

It also provides advice and technical expertise that can strengthen the operation of the funds, and also facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among Water Funds and other stakeholders.

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You may also write to fondosdeagua@fondosdeagua.org

Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panamá, Perú

Contact: Alejandro Calvache

Email: acalvache@tnc.org

México and Guatemala

Contact: Colin Herron

Email: cherron@tnc.org

Chile, Argentina, Bolivia

Contact: Maryann Ramírez

Email: mramirezcalisto@TNC.ORG


Contact: Samuel Barreto and Gilberto Tiepolo

Email: sbarreto@TNC.ORG; gtiepolo@TNC.ORG

República Dominicana

Contact: Carlos García and Francisco Nuñez

carlos.garcia@TNC.ORG; fnunez@tnc.org



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