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The goal of the Partnership for the next 5 years

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- Leverage $27 million dollars to be invested in the region Water Funds.
- Strengthen 32 Water Funds in Latin America and the Caribbean in a 5 years timelapse.
- Impact positively 3 million hectares of natural ecosystems.
- Benefit about 50 million people, who will get water supply services from the basins where the Water Funds operate.

Four reasons to invest in green infrastructure

Forests, wetlands, and other natural ecosystems have the ability to filter, store and regulate water flow, enabling proper functioning of the water basins. That is green infrastructure. Added to the gray infrastructure, these natural ecosystems can play a key role in ensuring water security and resilience of our urban areas.


With an initial investment of $ 1,000 million, a public-private alliance launches the Fondo de Agua de Cartagena (Cartagena Water Fund)

  • The Cartagena Water Fund will promote the conservation of the ecosystems of the water provider system in order to help reduce the environmental and social risks of water supply in the city of Cartagena.

  • For the first year of operation, the investment resources will be invested on updating studies and implementing actions in four priority areas: the Correa, Boca Cerrada, Puerto Badel and Rocha townships where more than 1,300 families live.


Colombia, home of the 3rd Water Funds Biennial

  • The public and private sectors along with civil society members signed a commitment to generate positive impacts on 4 million hectares of watersheds that are the source of water for more than 80 million people leveraging $500 million dollars by 2020 in Latin American cities.

  • More than 200 international experts and representatives of Water Funds in Latin America, the Caribbean and the world gathered to work for the water security of cities through conservation.


3 Bienal Fondos de Agua - Fotos


Getting the Price of Water Right

As global demand for food, energy and shelter put unprecedented pressure on our water resources, protecting water supplies at their source is increasingly critical to ensure their water security of cities. 


Hydrological Monitoring in Water Funds

The concept that ecosystems provide services to human societies beyond intrinsic biodiversity value has strongly arisen in the last decade of the 20th century. Since then, this idea has been gaining traction and increased importance in many places around the world. The Water Funds trajectory in Latin America, since its first case implemented in 2000 in Quito, Ecuador, has been one of the best examples of this concept in action.


The resupply program "Water for the Future" will be at FIMA 2016

The Coca-Cola Company and its bottler in Colombia Coca-Cola FEMSA will reaffirm their commitment to the conservation of water resources at FIMA 2016, presenting the progress of the Water for the Future program, developed since 2014 with the Latin American Alliance of Water Funds. The program aims to resupply 100% of the water taken from nature in the production of its beverages up to the year 2020.


Hope on the Range

Can raising livestock be good for grasslands? A cowboy can tell you that, surprisingly, the answer is yes.

In the New Wild, ranchers and their livestock prove that sometimes a landscape works because humans are a part of it.

Tune in to PBS' new series EARTH A New Wild airing on Wednesdays in February and let us know your hope for a new wild #keephopealive #EarthWildPBS http://www.nature.org/new-wild


Latinosan 2016

Hugo Contreras, Director of Water Security of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will participate in the most important conference on Latin American Sanitation that will take place in Lima, Peru between the 9th and 11th of March.

Hugo Contreras, Director of Water Security of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will talk about the importance of natural infrastructure on integrated water resources management in LATINOSAN 2016.



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Getting the Price of Water Right
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